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Dear Everyone,

Earlier this year, I started a crowdfunding project with, in the hopes of raising the money I needed to do an MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford. To my delight and amazement, the project was a success, and I have just started my course. One of the rewards I offered donors, in exchange for £1 or more, was access to this blog, where I’ll be aiming to communicate what I learn while I’m here. Almost all the posts will be password-protected.

If you are a donor who has not received the password, please get in touch, as this is a mistake. Hopefully nobody has slipped through the net, but putting together the mailing list was hugely more complicated than I expected it to be.

Since the completion of my crowdfunding campaign, I’ve had a few messages from people who want in on the blog but who missed the boat and didn’t make a pledge. It wouldn’t be fair to my sponsors to grant access to other people for free, but I don’t want to ask for money either.

I think it would be a shame for people who are interested in human evolution and cognition to miss out, so:

If you want the password, simply make a pledge to any science/education-based crowdfunding project and forward the confirmation email to



3 thoughts on “Accessing password-protected posts on this blog

  1. Hi ER !!
    Good to hear that you are up and running at Oxford.Fascinating subject.
    Mary my darling wife is a Psychotherapist and will be more than interested in what you will be discovering and learning.Im off on tour to the Far East next week and will look forward to hearing more from you.Great stuff.
    Love Johnxx

    1. I add a password to the posts I want to keep private. In the draft edit window, I change it from “public” to “password protected”, and it asks me to put a password in. I do this separately for all posts.

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